Friday, 1 November 2013

Second Year of University

Hello, long time no see! I'm so sorry I've not blogged in awhile. I've been settling into my second year of uni so I often have a lot of work to do or I'm hanging out with friends, meaning I've not had much time to blog. Now that I'm more settled in and I know what to expect, I should be able to blog more.

The first couple of months at uni have certainly been different to my first year. It's had its ups and downs, but overall it's been an enjoyable experience. Take, for example, that I am now a programme rep for second year creative writing students. This means that I help look after my fellow second year creative writing students if they have any problems. I get to go to meetings and voice my opinions and address any concerns with other programme reps in the Faculty of Arts, and Student Union members.
The workload is much bigger than in my first year and at times I can get behind, but I try not to let that happen. I'm finding that class discussions in seminars are most interesting to talk about because I feel they are more stimulating. There is a lot of reading, especially for one of my modules, Literary Theory, however, it does me me feel more confident in my work and I can sometimes find when reading a text, I can apply a certain theory to it or link ideas together.

Because I've been busy with uni work, I've not had much time to do my own reading. As I mentioned earlier on, I'm more settled in. I'm hoping that this means I can have more time to read what I want. Do remember that if you have any recommendations, please feel free to comment on a blog post and I'll be sure to read it.

I have got assignments I need to work on which are due in soon, so I don't know how much reading I will get done,but I shall compose a November TBR list and post it up on here as soon as possible.

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